Berry World SMP

A Lore Driven and Earth Style SMP

Hosted by: YouCantJusticeSponsored by: Berry World StudiosThe Modern Generation of Planet Earth as we use to know it, had vanished within a blink of an eye, leaving what was left behind to be found by those who awakened in its new and deserted state. The SMP follows the story of a vast group of characters who's prime mission is to make way with what they have left and possibly solve the mystery of how the planet seemingly reverted back to the stone age. However, even in their efforts, discoveries, and endeavors, humanity still has its flaws and along the way, the survivors of the "New World" are challenged by certain ideals and conflicts. Some ending in peace, others in WAR!

  • Over 50+ Creators and Guest Stars!

  • Awesome Plugins and Custom Terrain!

  • Live SMP Events and More!